Note from Claris

The Importance of Brenda’s work as

CEO of Books from Kenya

It is common knowledge that information is power.

That is why I highly advocate for Brenda to source books internationally to stock books in the Kenyan Slum libraries. These books will help Kenyan students to improve on their reading culture.

Look at it this way, if Brenda sources books internationally, many people will be able to access books to read due to the increased number of libraries in the country. She can also be able to access storybooks from not only African writers but also writers from other continents.

This will familiarize Kenyan students to other cultures and traditions all over the world since stories explain cultures either directly or indirectly. This will also prevent Kenyan student from culture shock when they go to study abroad.

People from the slum do not usually have the privilege of developing their reading skills due to lack of books. This becomes a challenge when they get to their higher levels of education and this bars them from joining international competitions that might have opportunities for them.

Apart from being successful in terms of education, sometimes they need to put themselves out there in order for them to get more opportunities which can get them out of the slum or improve their lives. Now tell me, if they can’t access such opportunities due to books and libraries, then how will they improve their lives? This is the more reason why more libraries should be built.

More books will help Brenda be able to reach those who are yet to be reached.

Educated citizens translates to a developed nation.

I believe that the only way to fight poverty is by educating the citizens. However, the only way we can do this is by making it easy for people to access the books.

Claris Oyunga

CEO of Slum Library